Whole/half lamb for freezer cut to your requirement. Bagged and Labelled. 

20 to 24kg   2.55lb/5.61kg

All individual cuts available i.eloin chops from highbury farm

Loin Chops

Whole Leg

Leg Shanks

Lamb-burgers  5 in pack for £3.50 no rusk included

Try our Lamb Rosemary and Garlic Sausages orLamb Mint Sausages in packs of 6


Highbury Farm gift boxes. Ideal gift for all occasions. Also if you don't want a full half or whole lamb have a gift box size.1/2 leg, 1/2 shoulder,4 rack,4 loin chops and 2 chump chops 

mutton legMutton

Mutton is the meat from Sheep that are 2 years or older,it has a stronger flavour  than lamb and is ideal for long slow cooking for example casseroles, also curries


 Individual cuts of Leg, Shoulder, fillets, Diced.

We can supply recipes which are recommended  by the Mutton Renaissance of which HRH Prince of  Wales is patron of. 


hog roast in

Lamb Roasts are an excellent way to feed your guests at one of your functions for example garden parties, 21st birthday , wedding anniversary. So if you have a special function to celebrate we can supply a lamb and we will  cook and carve a whole lamb or alternately a  pig at your function. Catered for pig roast for customer being filmed for tv programme The restoration Man on channel 4 in the  January 2014.

 Other products we sell

Sheepskin rugs/ Large or small ones which are ideal for babies, particulary for pushchairs.

Sheepskin insoles.  Perfect for keeping feet warm

sheepskin moccasins

Fleeces for spinning Shearing time

Natural knitting wool and carver sliver

Price list on all products available on request

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